Urdu Meaning of "jawing"


jawing's Defination

  1. (n.) One of the bones, usually bearing teeth, which form the framework of the mouth.
  2. (n.) One of a pair of opposing parts which are movable towards or from each other, for grasping or crushing anything between them, as, the jaws of a vise, or the jaws of a stone-crushing machine.
  3. (n.) Hence, also, the bone itself with the teeth and covering.
  4. (n.) A notch or opening.
  5. (n.) A notched or forked part, adapted for holding an object in place; as, the jaw of a railway-car pedestal. See Axle guard.
  6. (v. i.) To scold; to clamor.
  7. (n.) Impudent or abusive talk.
  8. (n.) Fig.: Anything resembling the jaw of an animal in form or action; esp., pl., the mouth or way of entrance; as, the jaws of a pass; the jaws of darkness; the jaws of death.
  9. (v. t.) To assail or abuse by scolding.
  10. (n.) In the plural, the mouth.
  11. (n.) The inner end of a boom or gaff, hollowed in a half circle so as to move freely on a mast.

jawing's Synonyms

berate chaffer chat chatter chew chide chitchat claver confab confabulate gossip lambaste lecture manducate masticate natter rag rebuke remonstrate reprimand reproof scold trounce visit

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