Urdu Meaning of "jingles"

جھنجھنانا٬ لمحہ

jingles's Defination

  1. (v. i.) To sound with a fine, sharp, rattling, clinking, or tinkling sound; as, sleigh bells jingle.
  2. (n.) A correspondence of sound in rhymes, especially when the verse has little merit; hence, the verse itself.
  3. (v. i.) To rhyme or sound with a jingling effect.
  4. (n.) A rattling, clinking, or tinkling sound, as of little bells or pieces of metal.
  5. (n.) That which makes a jingling sound, as a rattle.
  6. (v. t.) To cause to give a sharp metallic sound as a little bell, or as coins shaken together; to tinkle.

jingles's Synonyms

doggerel jangle

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